The Witcher 3: CD Projekt Red Shares Every New Feature In The Next-Generation Version

The Witcher 3

Gameplay video for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series has been released, and developer CD Projekt Red has detailed all of the improvements made for the next-gen versions of the 2015 RPG.

During a CD Projekt Red Twitch broadcast, a few developers detailed the graphical improvements, new quests, cross-progression, and other features coming to The Witcher 3 with the upcoming update on December 14.

CD Projekt Red has stated that graphical options will be made available on the console, allowing players to play at 30 fps with ray tracing or 60 fps without it. The Xbox Series S, along with other next-gen consoles, will support this.

Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update – Screenshot Gallery

The Netflix adaptation of The Witcher now has its own downloadable content quest, with the reward of the previously mentioned armor based on Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Geralt. Dandelion now has a new attire that makes him resemble Jaskier from the Netflix show.

Numerous enhancements to the quality of life

CD Projekt Red has also announced that the next-gen version of The Witcher 3 will support cross-progression, allowing players to transfer their progress between the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

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The PlayStation 5 version features haptic feedback, which causes the controller to vibrate in various ways whenever the player performs an action such as clashing swords with adversaries or casting magic signs.

Additionally, the practice of magic has seen a number of quality-of-life enhancements as of late. Now that players may customize the left bumper’s sign-switching activation, players can use the buttons on their faces to depict a variety of signs simply by holding down the appropriate button. The purpose of this new, slightly more complex feature is to keep players from ever having to leave the action in order to access the menu.

The Witcher 3
The Witcher 3

In addition to these fixes, a new filter setting has been implemented that removes all of the annoying question marks from The Witcher 3’s maps. This is meant to increase player immersion by making game events occur more organically, rather than as a checkbox in a to-do list.

As players ride throughout the environment or engage in combat, the mini-map and on-screen objectives will disappear, making for a more fluid and interactive experience. But with a click of a button, it may be brought up again, ensuring that Geralt won’t get lost when exploring The Continent.

Every CD Projekt Red Game In Development

Subtitle customization options and the ability to configure the left analog stick for automatic sprinting have also been introduced as minor accessibility additions.

In addition to enhancing the models of foliage and other background characteristics, CD Projekt Red has fixed a number of problems and performance concerns related to quests.

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The next-generation upgrade for PC includes ray tracing, expanded customization options, and a new photo mode. For a more cinematic and dramatic experience, a new camera perspective is being implemented. The alternate camera position is very reminiscent of the first trailer for The Witcher 3 in that it is slightly closer to Geralt and angled to the side.

Soon, a new generation update for The Witcher 3 will be released.

The next-gen update has been delayed twice since it was supposed to be out last year; it was developed by a separate team, Saber Interactive. The game was “not in development hell,” CD Projekt Red insisted after taking control in April 2022.

Many were concerned when CD Projekt Red announced the December date in early November, despite the fact that a Q4 date had been set in May and two delays had already occurred.

We gave the original release of The Witcher 3 a 9/10 and called it “massive in size, and beautifully detailed, ending Geralt’s journey on a high note.”

In addition, many inquire

I’m curious about what the next-gen version of The Witcher 3 will bring.

All current owners of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Xbox One will receive the next-gen upgrade at no additional cost. Features both a high-performance mode and a quality mode, the latter of which makes use of Ray Tracing. Mods generated by the community and extra features created by CD Projekt Red are integral to the experience.

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A Next-Gen Witcher 3: Is It Coming?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition, available digitally on PS5, Xbox One X|S, and PC, will include all free downloadable content up to that point, as well as the two paid expansion packs, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine.

I’m curious about the Next Gen visuals for The Witcher 3.

The Next-Generation Release Of The Witcher 3 Is Packed With Content.

New features in the revised version include ray tracing, improved loading times, and the ability to use a wider variety of add-ons. Additional content for The Witcher 3 is added in the next-gen edition, making the already lengthy game even more of a commitment.

The Witcher: The Next Generation?

4K textures and models, ray tracing, enhanced gameplay, a 60 frames-per-second mode, cloud saves, Photo Mode, and new content inspired by Netflix’s The Witcher series are all coming in the update.

Can we expect a Witcher 4?

Officially, development on The Witcher 4 has begun. CD Projekt Red, makers of “the next installment of The Witcher series of video games,” announced in March 2022 that “development is underway on the next installment of The Witcher.”

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