Two Killed in Crash on the Menuso-Kadjebi Highway in Ghana

Crash on the Menuso-Kadjebi Highway in Ghana

On the Menuso- Kadjebi route in the Oti Region, a taxicab and a motorbike collided head-on, killing the pillion passenger and critically injuring the driver.

Mary Timpon, a 52-year-old merchant from Anfoega in the North Dayi District of the Volta Region, was confirmed dead at the scene, while Mawuli Gator, also from Anfoega, was identified as having sustained injuries.

Kadjebi Police Station Chief Inspector Emmanuel Agbewodi and four other officers were there when the Ghana News Agency arrived at the location on Tuesday.

According to a police source, the incident took place in Tsatsa Nkwanta, a village located in the Kadjebi District between the towns of Menuso and Okanta.

There was an accident involving a cab driven by Hukporti, alias “Land guard,” from Kadjebi on the way to Poase-Cement.

Initial inquiries revealed that the taxicab had drifted out of its lane and into the path of the motorcycle.

His car was impounded, and he is currently cooperating with police investigations while in detention. The funeral procession for Timpon ended at the St. Mary Theresa Hospital in Dodi-Papase, where his remains were sent to be embalmed.

In 2022, how many car crashes did Ghana experience?

In all, 13,248 vehicles were involved in the collisions that took place in 2022, which resulted in the deaths of 1,300 people. This number is lower than the 13,973 vehicles that were involved in the collisions that took place in 2021, which resulted in the deaths of 1,454 people.

How often do accidents happen in Ghana?

In Ghana, over the past decade, approximately to eight people per hundred thousand have lost their lives and seventy-two have been seriously injured due to RTAs. People younger than 35 years old accounted for over 60% of all road traffic deaths.

What is the main cause of road accidents in Ghana?

Furthermore, the following were identified as major contributing factors to road accidents: the poor nature of roads, the carelessness of road users, faulty vehicles, stress, inexperienced drivers, insufficient road signs, inefficient MTTU personnel, speeding, lack of education, drunkenness, and gross indiscipline.

What is the annual rate of car accidents in Ghana?

The newest WHO data from 2020 shows that 7,808 people in Ghana lost their lives in car accidents, accounting for 4.46 percent of all deaths in the country. Ghana has the 46th highest death rate in the world when adjusted for population.

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