Whatsapp is Completely Changing the Android User Interface

Whatsapp is Completely Changing the Android User Interface

At long last, WhatsApp has some encouraging information to share with Android users. Since Meta’s acquisition of the instant messaging network in February of 2014, a great many new features have been added to the mobile application. The user interface is one item that has not actually seen any significant changes, especially on Android smartphones.

When it comes to the user interface (UI), WhatsApp has at long last recognized the necessity to implement some adjustments on Android. Users of Android will find this new design to be quite handy because it will improve the ease with which they can navigate throughout the app.

According to the information regarding the newest beta version of WhatsApp that was reported by Wabetainfo.com, the application will soon incorporate a bottom navigation bar. This makes things a lot simpler within the app, just like how they are on the iOS platform where we have them.


Users are under the impression that WhatsApp has become out of date as a result of multiple user interface modifications and revisions made to the Android operating system. As a result of this, a significant number of people have submitted multiple requests requesting a more contemporary appearance.

With the latest version, WhatsApp has finally made the decision to provide its users with a feature that they have been requesting for a considerable amount of time. According to the latest beta version (, which was just released, we have found out that WhatsApp is now working on a makeover of the user interface for Android users. The new layout will feature a navigation bar that is located at the bottom.

Whatsapp is Completely Changing the Android User Interface
Whatsapp is Completely Changing the Android User Interface

When you look at the screenshot up top, you’ll notice that WhatsApp is making some adjustments to the look and feel of the app’s user interface. The app now features a new navigation bar that can be found at the bottom, making it much simpler for users to navigate to the various parts of the application. This is due to the fact that all of the major buttons have been moved to the bottom of the screen for easier access.


The uniformity of user experience on a variety of platforms will be improved as a result of these new modifications to Android. This is due to the fact that the user interface of WhatsApp on iOS is significantly different from what is found on Android. Those that frequently switch between the two options could find this to be a little bit confusing.

At long last, we are in a position to assert that WhatsApp has taken into account the comments and suggestions of its users and made appropriate adjustments. The newly implemented modifications will unquestionably improve the overall user experience of WhatsApp and encourage users to remain active on the network.

At this time, the upgrades are being put through beta testing, and WhatsApp plans to roll them out to Android users all around the world in upcoming releases. In the meanwhile, we ask that you be attentive since we will keep you apprised of any new information as soon as it becomes available.

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