Where to Find Everything on the Hollow Knight Map

Hollow Knight Map

Where to Find Everything on the Hollow Knight Map: There are numerous paths that intersect and branch off in Hallownest, and there are a lot of hidden places to discover. If you have every map in Hollow Knight, you’ll never go lost.

Considering that Hollow Knight is situated in an insect-dominated nation, the game’s explorable environment is remarkably vast. As players venture further into the universe of Hallownest, they will find more challenging stuff. A large number of Hollow Knight’s NPCs are available for conversation at various moments.

After the player falls down the well in Dirtmouth, one of the first friendly people they see is Cornifer, a trader. There is a cartographer selling their wares in each of Hallownest’s major towns. The players can figure out where Cornifer is thanks to his humming and, later, an actual paper trail that leads to the mapmaker.

If players find Cornifer’s maps and other markers but don’t buy them from Iselda before going on, they will be prompted to do so by a card he leaves behind. Here are all of Cornifer’s spots in Hallownest, so you won’t have to waste time searching for him in multiple places.

The World’s Oldest Drainage Basin

A trip to the Ancient Basin can be made by either using the Tram between Deepnest and Kingdom’s Edge in the south, or by travelling along the Royal Waterways. All that matters is that the players make it to the Tram stop.

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To the left of the Tram station is a hidden entrance. This passageway, which leads to the Ancient Basin’s main chamber, is crawling and climbing with Shadow Creepers. A Vessel Fragment can be retrieved from a fountain for 3000 Geo if players take one of the branches off to the right. Below the water feature is where you’ll find the humming mapmaker.

The City That Cried A River

The majority of players won’t enter the City of Tears until they’ve used the City Crest to repair the bridge leading to the Fungal Wastes. Cornifer may be reached quickly through this door, but he has barred the fast route so that players must travel further south before entering the city.

Upon reaching the bottom, the player can head left to visit the Nailsmith and get their Knight’s nail improved. Just before the player meets Hornet at the fountain, they can encounter Relic Seeker Lemm by taking the elevator up to the right. Lemm will compensate the player for artefacts they have acquired on their travels.

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In the higher levels, after leaving Lemm, the player will face more hostiles, many of whom will be defending Geo or other valuables. The player will identify a piece of paper they find while using the elevators and the Mantis Claw to navigate around. This way leads to a small arena where a Heavy, Lance, and Winged Sentry are waiting for the Knight. Besides Cornifer, the bench that costs 150 Geo to unlock is located on the upper floor.

Peak of Crystals

It is possible to reach the Crystal Peak from the Forgotten Crossroads, which are located to the east of the Black Egg Temple, however players will require the Lumafly Lantern in order to see in the tunnel and operate the toll machine. If you pay 50 Geo, you can progress to the next location.

Players should follow the right fork upon entering Crystal Peak, which will lead them across a sizable chasm and a number of conveyor belts. Husk Miners populate this region, and if the Knight draws near, they will toss their tools at him or use their picks as a cutting weapon. Before ascending the stairs, the players might rest on the bench to the right of this area.

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After using the Mantis Claw to reach the top of the vertical belt, where a patrolling Glimback might be waiting, riders can proceed. There is a Grub up top, but it is behind a fence for the time being. While ascending, the player will come upon a room full of Crystal Crawlers, each of which will randomly launch a devastating laser at the player. Follow the left exit after going through to locate Cornifer singing his heart out.


In order to avoid alerting the creepy crawlies in Deepnest to his presence, Cornifer won’t be humming when he’s near either of the two entrances. The Lumafly Lantern is a handy item to have around if you find yourself out and about at night.

Once the Mantis Lords have been vanquished in the Fungal Wastes, players can enter Deepnest, where they will find him hiding beneath a ledge a short distance to the left and above the entrance. If you’re coming from the Queen’s Gardens in the north, you can find Cornifer to the south of the Failed Tramway.

Misty Gorge

Although the Fog Canyon can be entered early on, it won’t be fully explorable until later in the game. There are two methods to reach Cornifer, depending on whether the player is wearing the Shade Cloak or Isma’s Tear.

Players can reach the room where Cornifer is stationed by either ascending from the Queen’s Station or descending Greenpath, depending on which side of the map they are currently on. Within the Fog Canyon’s central pillars is a passage that opens out to a room furnished with an acid pool, platforms, and Uomas. A Shade Gate separates the player from Cornifer, whose voice follows them through the room. Those who have the Shade Cloak can zip through the Shade Gate and straight to the Cornifer trailhead.

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Isma’s Tear must swim through an acid pool on the other side of the Fungal Wastes from where the Leg Eater is hidden. Upon arriving at this point, players can enter Fog Canyon and proceed left to reach the room where Cornifer is hiding.

Misplaced Turning Points

In addition to being the first place players encounter Cornifer, this is also one of the most accessible locations for him.

After descending the well from Dirtmouth, players will find themselves in a big area with numerous suspended platforms and a number of Gruzzers, Crawlids, and Tiktiks. Players should walk to the chamber’s left. Despite the hazards, players must make their way down to the area’s base in order to use the door there and progress. Cornifer can be found in the room to the right.

wastes caused by fungi

There are a variety of routes one can take to reach the Fungal Wastes and other parts of Hallownest. After defeating the False Knight and Hornet on the road to the City of Tears, it’s only natural for adventurers to make their way towards the Fungal Wastes.

From Greenpath’s southeast, players must go through a little part of Fog Canyon to get to the Queen’s Station. You can go to Cornifer by going down and to the left, and the Fungal Wastes by taking the path straight ahead of you after you exit the station.

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Conversely, if players enter the Fungal Wastes via the Forgotten Crossroads, they must continue travelling south and to the left. Between them and the next gate are two ominous-looking Shrumal ogres. Following his recognisable humming, players must descend further, past the projectile-shooting Sporgs, and then head left, avoiding the acid.


After learning the first spell from the Snail Shaman in the Ancestral Mound, the player can travel to Greenpath. Going south from the Grubfather at the Forgotten Crossroads and taking the left fork will lead you to Greenpath.

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When the player uses the Vengeful Spirit to vanquish the Elder Baldur obstructing their way, they can continue left into Greenpath. When compared to the rest of Hallownest, Greenpath is very straight. Along the way, players will meet Hornet, who isn’t quite guiding them to Cornifer.

The players should now move down and to the right after going as far to the left as feasible. Cornifer is in a tight spot of Greenpath protected by Volatile Mosskin and Squits, and it has platforms that can be chipped away in the future to make travel easier.

Scary, windswept cliffs

If you have the Mantis Claw, you can return through the King’s Pass and reach the Howling Cliffs, which are located to the extreme left of Dirtmouth. Once the introductory sequence has finished, the Knight should go back to the first room he entered and take a left to get to the Howling Cliffs. The Greenpath route also leads here, but using it requires the Mantis Claw.

Cornifer may be found doodling along one of the right-hand trails around halfway down the cliffs, where you might also run into one of the Nailmaster brothers.

Hollow Knight Map
Hollow Knight Map

On the Fringe of a Kingdom

There are other ways to enter Kingdom’s Edge, but the City of Tears and its King’s Station provide the shortest access to Cornifer. A rusty platform, a broken bench, and two Vengeflies can be found in a compartment beneath the Knight-accessible platform at Stag Station.

A shortcut to an undiscovered area of the city can be accessed by jumping into the pool of water and continuing straight ahead. To evade the diving Belfies that are pursuing the Knight, keep to the right. Players can help a lost Grub along the route.

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You can get further further from Cornifer in Kingdom’s Edge by ascending a road that leads to the Tower of Love, but you’ll need the Love Key to do so.

Cornifer is located straight below the players in a secret spot along the left wall when they enter Kingdom’s Edge. The Mantis Claw allows players to descend the wall to the first of two platforms, where the hidden door to the mapmaker is located.

Place of the Queen’s Gardens

The most direct route to the Queen’s Gardens is through Fog Canyon, but you’ll need Isma’s Tear to get there. From the Queen’s Station, players can ascend the area with the floating Uomas and Oomas until they reach the first route that forks to the left, at which point they will have entered the Fog Canyon. Adventurers can get to the Queen’s Gardens, which are surrounded by an acid pit and spikes, by using Isma’s Tear to help them swim through the acid.

You should continue heading left until you reach the first Mantis Petra. The switch blocking the path to the Stag Station is ahead; the adventurers will have to go around for now. When reaching the absolute bottom of the stairwell leading to the temporary platform area, players should turn right. More Mantis Petras await you in the next section for a quick fight; you can’t proceed until you’ve eliminated them all.

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Team winners should proceed to the right, where a sheet of paper and a bench sign have been prepared. If you follow them, you’ll find the cartographer who is humming.

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Down below where Relic Seeker Lemm is, in the City of Tears, is a sealed hatch. With a Simple Key, you can unlock the hatch and get access to the Royal Waterways below. Players need the Lumafly Lantern to see their way clearly through the darkened Royal Waterways.

After entering the hatch, take a left and follow the bottom path past the two Pilflips. Instead of turning right toward the bench, a player should keep left and go with the Hwurmps. In the top left, players will find one of Cornifer’s papers; following it through the opening will lead them to a region swarming with Flukemons.

Keep going left after the turn, but keep in mind that a Mask Shard can be discovered near the base of the pool in the larger area. The doors to the next room will be locked until the players have defeated the foes who arrive from nowhere to unlock them. Cornifer can be found on the leftmost, topmost platform, and getting there requires the usage of the Mantis Claw.

Hollow Knight is playable on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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