Why is TikTok Superior to Vine?

Why is TikTok Superior to Vine

On the internet, nearly everyone agrees that Vine was a fantastic platform and that it is really upsetting that it is no longer available.

Obviously, it’s heartbreaking to witness the demise of a platform that was so inventive and unique.

But because of the internet and because of YouTube, we are still able to enjoy the best stuff that Vine has to offer through an infinite number of compilations, which enables Vine and its creators to survive in the history of the internet in the 2010s.

These compilations are really easy to find on YouTube, so I have no doubt that you have seen at least one of them. There are a great number of them with tens of millions of views and clickbait headlines such as “Vines that cured my depression” or “Vines that gave me life.” There are so many of these videos.

But are you aware of anything that connects all of these distinct compilations together?

Their internal structure.

Let’s face it: there are a few Vines that everyone is familiar with and enjoys watching. But that sums things up very well.

People have a habit of forgetting that searching through the material on Vine may be an exhausting job. In order to uncover a real diamond, you had to watch a great deal of content that was only six seconds long.

Vine was so revolutionary, and content creation was a lot less of a thing back then than it is now — excellent content was scarce, and Vine wasn’t utilized as extensively as people remember it being used.

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Although TikTok’s format is somewhat distinct from that of Vine’s, the vertical video and micro-content concept that drives both platforms is essentially the same. TikTok is a lot more recent and has gained a lot more popularity than Musical.ly, which is the primary distinction between the two.

People are much more accustomed to conversing and creating content through vertical videos, which they can do directly from their phone thanks to the advent of TikTok at a time when Snapchat and Instagram tales (well… all types of stories actually) are such popular ways of sharing material. TikTok was one of the first apps of its kind.

Even though I believe that talent is still required to succeed on TikTok, there are a lot more people accustomed to producing content now than there were back when Vine was all the rage. When Vine was at its peak, the mental hurdle that one needed to overcome in order to upload a video of themselves to the platform was significantly higher than it is today.

Because of this, TikTok has a large number of users and a substantial amount of material, and it continues to expand. Due to the sheer number of users, TikTok hosts a wealth of excellent material that may be discovered on the platform.

But the most impressive feature of TikTok is undoubtedly its algorithm, which powers the immensely popular “For You” page.

TikTok is rapidly becoming more popular with marketers due to the fact that the platform enables an exceptional organic reach that is incomparable to anything that has ever existed before. On TikTok, it is possible for a video to be viewed by tens of thousands of people even if the user has no followers.

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TikTok does an excellent job at displaying the content that is most relevant to you by making use of data such as the amount of time you spend watching videos, the types of content that you appear to enjoy, the types of content that you appear to scroll through, and so on. However, it is still unclear how their algorithm actually works.

This fantastic recommendation framework, in conjunction with TikTok’s one-of-a-kind user experience design, truly helps to make the platform a wonderful and simple way to consume content. There is no search function; scrolling is the only option. The information is viewed, and then you scroll to the next one. You won’t be interrupted, and there won’t be any grids where you have to choose what to watch next based on a very little thumbnail. Instead, there will just be unadulterated content that you can scroll through for hours at a time. This is exactly what you’ll see on the page labeled “For You.”

And this one-of-a-kind user experience, in conjunction with the high standard of the platform’s content and the obvious development of the vertical video format, is actually what separates TikTok from the competition.

TikTok capitalized on being introduced at the appropriate time and having superior designers to make a very similar concept to Vine a lot more popular. While Vine did a terrific job of making a format trendy, TikTok was able to create a format much more popular.

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Vine is making a comeback with Byte, a platform that appears to be the ideal combination of Vine and TikTok in terms of functionality. Is it going to be as popular as TikTok? Will it achieve the same level of fame that Vine did? The only way to know is to wait. But for the time being, it’s best to step away from Vine.

I feel terrible for everyone who has fond memories of Vine, but the platform will never be brought back. TikTok is not a copycat of Vine in any way. It is a platform that fixed most of the problems that Vine was facing, which resulted in a platform that was easier and more enjoyable to use at a time when people felt comfortable sharing video content.


July 2018 – After five very rainy months, the sun has finally returned, and the vignerons and vignerons have begun the process of green pruning, which includes desuckering, cutting secondary shoots, and lifting the support wires.

In some of the parcels, “bridges” are also being formed between two shoots coming from neighboring vines. This method, which is known as le tres sage (meaning “braiding”), is utilized on parcels such as those that are located on the plateau of Brauzes.

A manual technique that appears to be of particular interest to the grapevine is called braiding, and it is done with the shoots of the vine.

In the natural, a vine’s ability to grow and thrive is contingent upon the presence of other plants. We provide it the opportunity to reestablish these social bonds and this mode of communication, which ultimately proves to be helpful to its growth when it is done through the technique of braiding. Waiting until the shoots have begun to bend is the first step in performing the maneuver successfully.

Why is TikTok Superior to Vine
Why is TikTok Superior to Vine

At this point, instead of pruning the shoots of the two adjacent vines in the same row, we carefully interweave them so that they grow in a direction that is parallel to the row. Very quickly, the tendrils of the two vines will begin to entwine with one another, and the vines will eventually become connected. They have a conversation.

We are also able to maintain the apex of the plant by not pruning the vines.

The apex of the plant is located at the very end, or the very tip. It is the place where the vine shoot’s memory is stored, where its sensations are processed, and where it makes decisions; in other words, it is the plant’s brain. The apex guards its shoot by transmitting information back to the plant, so protecting the grapes that the plant intends to bring to full maturity. It does this by carrying a memory of the weather conditions that prevailed during the vintage.

After a number of years of research and testing, we have found that the construction of these bridges leads to an improvement in the plant’s capacity to control its overall water consumption. In addition, because we no longer cut off the tops of the vines, this stunts the development of secondary shoots. This approach helps to better aerate the grape bunches (after desuckering), which benefits in keeping the berries dry and exposed to sunshine even in the event of a rainy spell, as was the case in the month of June.

The vines are thereby more able to handle external threats, deal with hydric stress, and communicate with one another, all while simultaneously expanding their root system and their leaf surface. A way of cultivation that is more congruent with the natural progression of their bodies. All of this is in order to create grapes of an ever-increasing quality… and a peak packed with memories.

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