The Witcher season 3: Everything we know about the upcoming Netflix series

witcher season 3

Geralt and his companions will be back on our screens for the first time in a long time when The Witcher season 3 begins filming. Despite the lack of an official release date for the Netflix show, we’ve attempted to predict when it will be available and when the first trailer will be released.

As we wait for the new episodes to arrive, we’ve compiled a list of everything else you need to know about the Netflix fantasy. We’ve got the characters, the plot, and remarks from creator Lauren Schmidt Hissrich — and even a tidbit about a potential fourth season. We’ve got everything you need to know about The Witcher season 3 right here.

The Witcher season 3 release date could be 2023

As of this writing, no release date for The Witcher season 3 has been confirmed, but the first two seasons of The Witcher, which aired on Netflix in 2019 and 2021, have. Geralt’s next live-action adventure will most likely take place in 2023, given that the prequel Blood Origin has been confirmed for a 2022 release date.

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For context, the second season’s production began in February 2020 and lasted until April 2021 due to COVID shutdowns and Henry Cavill’s injury. The first season ran from October 2018 to May 2019, with a December 2019 premiere following a seven-month hiatus.

A tip from Redanian Intelligence claims that the latest chapter will be shot in Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia and that filming has begun.

The Witcher season 3 cast: who’s likely to return

Geralt (Henry Cavill), Ciri (Freya Allan), and Yennefer (Ari Graynor) will all be back for the third season of The Witcher (Anya Chalotra).

Expect to see the likes of Kim Bodnia, Paul Bullion, and Yasen Atour in season 3 of Vesemir, Lambert, and Coen.

Likely, regulars Jaskier (Joey Batey), Fringilla (Mimi Ndiweni), Cahir (Eamon Farren), and Francesca (Media Simson) will all have a role in the story – as well as Francesca’s love interest Filavandrel and her friends Francesco, Triss, and Filavandrel, as well as Francesca’s love interest Francesco (Lars Mikkelsen).

Characters that made their debut in the second season are also likely to return. Dijkstra (Graham McTavish), Phillipa (Cassie Clare), Rience (Chris Fulton), and Lydia (Lydia Etheridge) are among them (Aisha Fabienne Ross). Not to mention Duny’s reappearance as Nilfgaardian Emperor Emhyr (Bart Edwards).

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Both Codringher and Fenn will return for the third season, according to Hissrich, who also confirmed the news to GamesRadar+.

In addition, four more actors have been added to the cast. Zhang Meng’er Meng will portray Milva, “a human adopted by the dryads of Brokilon Forest.” Hunters call her “a tough and talented huntress” as well.

Gallatin, played by Robbie Amell, is a “natural fighter.” Nilfgaard’s guerrilla Scoia’tael are under his command.

Radovid is Hugh Skinner “King Vizimir’s playmate and younger brother.

In an instant, he’s a Redanian Intelligence operative.”

Mistle, a member of The Rats, is played by Christelle Elwin. Misfit youths who “steal from the rich and give to themselves—and occasionally the needy.”

Adjoa Andoh, who portrays Nenneke, is one of the cast members who have yet to be confirmed for the upcoming season. “Honestly, I’m not sure. We’ll have to wait and see “According to Andoh, he spoke to Radio Times. “There are so many books. In the stories, they’ve gone in so many different directions. Nenneke frequently appears in literary works. However, it is up to them as to what they want to do with this particular iteration.”

The Witcher season 3 story: what’s next and which books will be adapted?

The Witcher season 3’s official plot summary has been issued by Netflix and goes as follows: “Ciri of Cintra is being hunted by a slew of royals, magicians, and other creatures from across the Continent, and Geralt is doing everything in his power to keep her safe. They arrive at the walled castle of Aretuza, where Yennefer hopes to uncover more about Ciri’s untapped powers; instead, they find themselves in a battleground of political corruption, dark magic, and betrayal. They have no choice but to fight back and risk losing each other forever if they don’t.”

As the second season ended, the net was closing in on Ciri and Nilfgaard, Redania, and the Northern kingdoms all wanted to capture, or worse, murder, the Lion Cub of Cintra. The third season of The Witcher will continue this story. Ciri is also a target for Francesca and the remaining elves, who are now protected by Geralt and Yennefer. The forthcoming season will almost probably be dominated by the squabbling parties and factions we’ve seen so far.

Season 3 of The Witcher may be no different when it comes to betrayal. Although Jaskier and his mages appear to be at odds with each other over who they should serve, Dijkstra and Redania have Jaskier in their sights. Yennefer and Geralt will be in jeopardy as a result.

Season 2 ended with Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer being sent to another realm, where they encountered more of The Wild Hunt. These characters could be set up as the show’s final antagonists, but they may have a minor role in the next season.

‘Time of Contempt,’ by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, will be adapted for the following season, according to showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. A Grain of Truth and the majority of A Blood of Elves were adapted in the first season, while The Last Wish was adapted in the second season. To avoid giving anything away about the plot of the show, we won’t go into too much detail about the book. To summarise, expect one of Geralt’s most violent battle sequences, Ciri’s odyssey, and the introduction of the criminal organization The Rats. The Witcher novels’ reading order can be found here if you’d like to pick up where the plot left off.

Season 3 may have many timelines, but how many? He told TheWrap, “Our seasons are led by the stories that we want to tell.” “So the structure is a wonderful example. There was no need for non-linear narratives in season two. Because of this, we used a linear strategy that allowed us to experiment with many aspects of visions and flashbacks that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. Season 3 is fantastic, in my opinion. According to me, “The Time of Contempt” is a very adaptable novel. There’s a lot of action, and there are a lot of jaw-dropping moments when you finally get there. In other words, we’re going with the flow here. In Season 3, for example, the story takes place over a fairly short period. Because there isn’t a lot of time to go by, there isn’t a lot of movement.”

Actor Henry Cavill claimed during Netflix’s Unlocked program that he had no idea what season 3 of The Witcher would look like “There’s a chance to learn more about Nenneke and her family. Of course, working with the Witchers again is something I would relish… In other words, it’s all about ensuring that the plot progresses without too many distractions from the books.”

It will take “some genuine labor and depth and complexity” for Geralt and Yennefer to transcend their tense connection, says Cavill.

Hissrich also suggested a deeper look at Vilgefortz’s secret history, connections to Lara Dorren, a broader look at Redania’s realm, and – of course – that Emhyr bombshell on the Unlocked show.

“We’re going to take advantage of the edginess of the situation… In what way and when will our protagonists come to grips with this?” Speaking while implying that Emhyr/Duny will be joined in season 3 by a “new partner,” Hissrich remarked. Expect the season’s narrative conflicts to revolve around his search for his daughter, Ciri.

The show’s executive producer, Steve Gaub, has also shared an image of an interior set from the upcoming season. “We will not be getting smaller in season 3,” he stated. The upcoming season appears to be the biggest yet.

As for new characters, Redanian Intelligence reports casting is underway for the Professor, a villainous assassin who shows up in both the game and the books. The site also says Milva, an archer who helps Geralt search for Ciri in the source material, will be part of the third season. That’s all unconfirmed for now, though, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Plus, it seems The Witcher season 3 will not be the end. Stephen Surjik, a key director on the show told Brigade Radio: “The writers and producers mapped out season 4. Oh yeah. I don’t know if I’m part of that mapping program, but at least they told me that they’re mapping it out.” Again, that has yet to be officially confirmed, but it’s certainly a good sign of more to come.

When can we expect a trailer for The Witcher season 3?

In other words, not anytime soon. The Witcher’s future season premiered in July, five months before the December release date of the second season. We’ll need to know when season 3 is scheduled to air for more information. Look for a trailer to be released 4-6 months before the film’s premiere, possibly at a Comic-Con or Netflix event.

Photos from location scouting can keep you going in the interim. Check out the links below for further information.

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