With iPhone 14, Apple missed a big chance

iPhone 14

Even though the iPhone 14 has been out for a while (check out Mark Spoonauer’s review to see what he thinks), I can’t help but feel that Apple neglected to include a crucial feature in its $799 flagship smartphone.

The Apple iPhone 14 is a fantastic value for the money, but it lacks a high-refresh-rate display, which is a feature offered by many of its rivals. The Pixel 6, which is $200 cheaper than the iPhone, has a 90Hz screen, while other phones, such as the Galaxy S22, have 120Hz adaptive screens. And the 60Hz display on the iPhone 14 looks positively old in comparison.

As a matter of fact, it’s the main reason I can’t confidently claim that the iPhone 14 is the greatest phone available at its price. Apple’s smartphone features excellent photography capabilities, speedy processing, adequate battery life, and a stunning screen. The iPhone’s 60Hz screen made it look 14 years old before it even came out.

Now, even phones that cost hundreds of dollars less than the iPhone 14 provide a fast refresh rate. There’s no excuse for Apple not to have included at least a 90Hz panel in the iPhone 14, especially since the iPhone 14 Pro is only $200 more expensive. The lesson here is, “Go Pro” if you want cutting-edge features in your smartphone.

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

I can see why Apple might think that way (at least on some level), but I think it does a disservice to its customers. Since many people have come to the conclusion that the iPhone 14 is the most incremental of incremental enhancements, the iPhone 14 Pro Max seems to be this year’s big draw. In fact, I recommend that you save some cash and acquire an iPhone 13 ($699) instead of an iPhone 14 (because the differences between the two are negligible). (My coworker Philip Michaels actually argued this point.)

The fact that the iPhone 14 only has a 60 Hz display is another major letdown for me. Indeed, the iPhone 14’s A15 Bionic CPU is potent and able to deliver above 60 fps in even the most graphically intensive games. Even though your iPhone 14’s GPU is capable of more than 60 frames per second, you are limited to 60 fps due to the display’s 60 Hz refresh rate. For a phone that could have been a powerful gaming device, the iPhone 14 is a massive missed opportunity.

Aside from the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple seems dated. The iPhone 14 and the soon-to-be-released iPhone 14 Plus look like relics from a bygone era. Unfortunately, I cannot call one of those models innovative due to the notch or the 60 fps display. To be completely honest, I’m bored, and I would have recommended the iPhone 14 if it had a 90Hz refresh rate.

On the contrary, Apple’s iPhone 14 is only a marginal improvement over the iPhone 13, and it costs $100 more. In my opinion, there is no way one of these is $100 more expensive. A high refresh rate display would have been a great way for the iPhone 14 to differentiate itself from the iPhone 13. The current state is extremely boring, and I believe many buyers would concur.

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