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You season 4

You spoilers follow.

In October 2021, You season three premiered on Netflix; before the third season even aired, Netflix had already renewed the series for a fourth season.

Joe Goldberg is going to get into even more trouble, so be ready for that. The best part of it? When it comes to this time, he’s going global.

Executive producer Sera Gamble said that she and showrunner Greg Berlanti were “immediately obsessed” with Joe Goldberg and his “twisted world view” after reading Caroline Kepnes’ novel.

“Moreover, Penn [Badgley] has been a joy to watch bring Joe to life in his creepy and compelling fashion. Our heartfelt thanks go out to You, Netflix, and everyone who has enjoyed watching Joe get it all so wrong over the past three seasons.

Everyone on the You crew is looking forward to delving deeper into the darker aspects of romantic relationships for the upcoming fourth season.”

So what’s in store for our bookkeeper who’s been on a killing spree? Everything you need to know about this is here.

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You season 4 potential release date on Netflix: When will it air?

Season four filming in London officially began on March 22nd, 2022.

A clapperboard from the set with the date written on it was shared by the Netflix team. Because, well, this is Joe, the board was naturally covered in blood.

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Since we last saw him in Paris at the end of season three, we know they could be shooting there as well.

A new book will be released in 2022, according to custom.

There is no doubt that we will keep you informed regardless of the outcome.

You season 4 cast: Who will be in it?

You season 4 cast

We can expect to see Penn Badgely back as Joe Goldberg, or whatever his current moniker is.

When he married Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) in Season 3, Joe transformed himself into the ultimate stay-at-home dad… until his obsessive and murderous tendencies took over again.

Since she was burned to death in their suburban home at the end of season three, something tells us we won’t be seeing Victoria back in the cast… In any case, Joe’s ex-girlfriends’ ghosts haunt him, even if only in his mind. Nonetheless,

There’s no need to continue the story any further because “they’ve had their arc,” as Badgley put it. “Okay, if it’s going to happen, now is the time,” we thought to ourselves as we traveled around the world.

There will be no more chapters in Joe’s life after this. I believe that Joe’s device will continue to evolve in a fundamentally new way. Because we’ve now seen him go through so much, As for the show and its tone, I don’t know how much can be repeated,”

Tati Gabrielle could return as Marianne, Joe’s new central “you,” in the future. She fled to Paris after developing feelings for him while working together at the library. And now he’s on a mission to reclaim her and her daughter. Because his death was widely reported in the media. We don’t see a happy ending to this.

Euphoria’s Lukas Gage will join the cast in season four. He will be a series regular (and a regular irritant to Joe) as his new nemesis, confirmed by Netflix on February 17. Hence, he should exercise caution.

As Adam “an ex-pat American, the youngest son of a wealthy East Coast magnate,” Deadline reports, Gage will take on the role of Adam. Adam, on the other hand, is having a difficult time meeting the high expectations of his successful family.

“Adam brings a tonne of emotional baggage to the show. By self-medicating, he hides his darkest secrets from the rest of the world. For his friends and girlfriend, trusting him could be a huge mistake because of his desperation to prove himself.”

He shared the news of his promotion on Instagram, saying that he was “supremely excited” about it.

However, we wish you the best of luck in your efforts to make it through the season. In the long run, Joe doesn’t have a lot of patience with people who bother him.

We can only hope that the star of The White Lotus makes it to the end of the season.

Charlotte Ritchie, who played Kate on Ghosts, joins the cast in season four as a new character named Kate, an art gallery director who is suspicious of Joe from the moment they meet.

Aside from Joe’s biological mother and the woman who befriended him while he was in foster care, expect to meet an entirely new cast of inevitably insufferable characters in the show’s rest of the cast.

“Is there any particular pool of privileged douchebags we’d like to throw Joe into next on this show? In addition, there are many untapped reservoirs around the world if you leave the United States’ borders “Gamble was quoted as saying (via TV Line).

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Your season 4 plot: What’s going to happen?

As previously stated, Joe arrived in Paris after assassinating Love, who attempted to slit his throat first. Even though the predicament was dire, he once again managed to wriggle his way out of it.

Dante and his wife, Dante and his wife, and their son Henry were all that stood in the way of a smooth transition for Dante and Henry. (It’s impossible to say he’s incorrect.)

Sera Gamble discussed the potential ramifications that Joe abandoning Henry could have for the remainder of the series.

“You can’t pretend something that huge about a character didn’t happen,” she told E! News. It’s shaping him right now, and I believe it will continue to do so. In addition to that, we’ll discuss his exact plan for when and if he’ll return for his son, which we’ll do between snacks,” he says.

In the meantime, Joe has traveled to Paris in search of Marienne, and given his proclivity for stalking, he will no doubt find her there. Love killed Joe and baked him into a pie, which should make for an interesting conversation between the two of them when they meet.

In an interview with TV Line, Badgley joked, “I think Joe will live happily ever after and have beautiful babies if he finds [her].” In time, he’ll learn French, become a writer, spend a lot of time on the Seine, and send their children to school in Sweden.

“I don’t think Joe will change. If a person this severely ill, disturbed, traumatized, and violent is ever going to heal and change, they face a formidable obstacle. For someone so far gone, I’m not sure if it’s possible.”

However, there is currently no official word on whether Gabrielle’s character will return in the future. Maybe she’s finally gotten away from him.

“I don’t think that Marienne would go back [to Joe], like, definitely not,” Gabrielle said in an interview with The Wrap about her thoughts on the situation. Nevertheless, I believe she would give him the benefit of the doubt.

Her heart had been played with, for one thing, again.” Moreover, I believe that for her healing, she needs to hear it directly from his mouth… I believe it will bring her comfort… And I’d like it if Marienne decided to go public with her feelings about Joe. Yes, please. “Yes, I’ll take that.”

In season four, could Joe’s luck finally run out?

According to Gamble, “the most important thing about that last scene [in season two, when Joe is spying on his neighbor Natalie (RIP) through the gap in the fence] is that it confirms that Joe is still Joe in a way that’s not going to be great for Joe.” His inability to understand that he can’t just keep attaching his hopes and dreams to a new individual.”

For Joe, things aren’t going to go as planned.

As we near the end of season three, things haven’t been going well at all.

As Gamble put it, “I feel like season three is a season of a great deal of just loss and tragedy for him” (via Collider). “At the end of the film, he has either lost all that he cared about or has felt forced to let go of everything he cared about.

“When you meet Joe again, you’ll see that he’s got like 17 holes in his heart that need to be filled, so the story here is about how he gets any of that back or finds something else.

“Because we’ve known him for a longer period, we should have a better idea of his baggage. As a result, I believe there is a great deal to be discovered in this area.”

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If he doesn’t want to be found out, eluding those he left behind will be even more critical now that he has faked his death.

Several characters have seen Joe show mercy (or simply be left alone) throughout the seasons. Dottie Quinn’s mother, Dottie Quinn (Saffron Burrows), to Theo and Matthew Engler are all characters in this story (Dylan Arnold and Scott Speedman respectively).

Although none of these actors has stated definitively whether or not they will appear in season four, the fact that Joe keeps them in the back of his mind puts both Joe and the other characters in danger.

During an interview with E! News, Gamble provided the following statement regarding Ellie: “We referenced her in the season because we wanted to make it clear that, yes, she’s still out there and she does fundamentally represent a sort of threat to Joe because she completely has his number in terms of who and what he is and what he has done.”

Therefore, the fourth season may focus on his past catching up to him.

It is of the utmost importance for Gamble to maintain a sense of novelty at all times, and this includes Joe’s many different romantic interests.

She said that we did not want to have the impression that we were doing the same thing twice. “And so, every character that walks into Joe’s circle goes through a pretty rigorous process of just trying to talk about who would be very different, and what haven’t we explored that we can,” Joe explains. “And so, every character who walks into Joe’s circle goes through a pretty rigorous process of just trying to talk about who would be very different

You can anticipate the same distinctive tone that has become familiar to us and that gives us the creeps throughout season four, regardless of what transpires in that season.

“I was very relieved when the first season of the show came out because it meant that we had successfully achieved the tone that we wanted for the show, which was for people to understand how cheeky and subversive we were being about things that I considered to be pretty serious.

“So what I hope is that people not only enjoy it and are like, “That was f**king nuts,” but also maybe have a conversation about some of the stuff inside of us that is kind of dark, and we want to judge it and say, “It’s not inside us,” but it’s in all of us… So what I hope is that people enjoy it and are like, “That was f**king nuts,” but also maybe have a conversation about some of the stuff inside of us that is kind of

“The human race is far from perfect. Even within our minds, we’re not very nice people. The majority of us probably don’t kill anyone, but I can’t say for sure. Does it come across as overly Pollyannaish if I say that I hope people are a little kinder to themselves regarding the uglier thoughts that are going through their heads?

Because when they watch it, they think to themselves, “Well, I’m kind of charmed by his ugly thoughts,” and they find it entertaining.”

In an interview with Collider, Badgley shared his thoughts on the fourth season as follows: “I have a feeling that it has more to do with Joe’s relationship with himself than anything else. Because this isn’t actually a show about a killer, but rather a show about… For the sake of a compelling narrative, I believe it exaggerates the typical blunders that are made in romantic partnerships by both parties.

In other words, we should put down our swords and stop being so competitive in our romantic relationships, but this is extremely difficult to do.”

Netflix has not yet disclosed whether or not the upcoming season four will be the last installment of the show, but if it does mark the end of Joe, we would also expect it to mark the end of You.

Kepnes is currently toiling away at her fourth book in the series, which does not yet have a name of its own. Because the television show has already deviated in several ways from the original source material, it is not clear how they will compare to one another.

When asked by THR about what her upcoming novel’s readers can anticipate, Kepnes provided the following response: “He’s going to a new place, and a dream that he didn’t let himself have, he’s going to get the opportunity to experience it,” Joe said.

Your season 4 trailer: When can I watch it?

For the time being, there will be no new footage to look forward to. Updates will be posted here.

Filming is currently taking place across Europe, so you can expect something by the end of the year.

Would we be dishonest with You?

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